Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lots o Tots

My big guy...I am so full of appreciation for that kid of mine!!!  The gift of doing the grocery shopping since he got his driver license has been amazing!  You're jealous, right?

Well, it's been amazing except for one small thing.  His eyes are bigger than my freezer.  No biggie...I can be creative...I can get rid of all packaging...I can cram tons of stuff in there, slam the door, and pray that it doesn't pop back open.  I can do all that.  What I'm having trouble doing is figuring out how to build tater tots and french fries into every meal.  Yes, he bought bulk size bags of each!  And yes, just for a little bit longer, tots, fries, and ketchup will be considered a healthy snack. 

The kids are not complaining.

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