Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Got Bloom

With the cold weather creeping in, I realized that I only have two pairs of pants that aren't jeans and I'll seriously need leg covering soon.  So, off to the thrift store I went first thing this morning.  I dug and dug hoping to find some cords, but settled on a pair of gray khakis.  As I walked to the dressing room I spied a fabulous dress.  It was beautiful!  All covered in the most amazing flowers (and I'm sure you know by now I'm partial to those lovely blooming things).  I tried it on.  Looked great!  Turned to each side.  Awesome!  Did the "check out the hind quarters" move and...oh, my gosh...there was a GIGANTIC sunflower right on my booty!  Now, I ask you, who on earth designs such things?

Yup, that the dress that was three quarters perfect did not make the cut. 

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