Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Caught on Tape

I watched the video from my wedding (twenty-one-and-a-half-years ago) tonight.  I haven't watched it since right after the ceremony.  And, you know what?  I have pretty much no memories from that day.  It was like watching someone else getting married except it was me, of course.  Anyway, super nice to see.

Here are my favorite things about it:

We looked so young!

I used the word "y'all" A LOT!

So many precious people came!  Who knew?!?!

I cried during the ceremony...how sweet is that?

I grabbed my chi-chis and said, "My dad looked at these earlier and said, 'Where'd those come from?'"  I had had to stuff my bra to fill out the dress.

My dress made me look like I was a HUGE wedding cake.  I had a 100% cotton dress I'd gotten at a thrift store.  It was apparently too long for me and wouldn't have been easy to hem.  I hated the idea of heels, so to fill out the dress so it would fit I wore a hoop slip and a petticoat so I could wear flats.

After the ceremony I walked around holding the entirety of the skirt/hoop/petticoat in a ball in front of me making me look quite pregnant.  Hey, it was July in Texas and I was HOT!

My grand finale?  I mooned a group of my friends...there are bribe-worthy shots somewhere out there in the universe!

I was a sassy, strong-willed bride, without a doubt.

And, getting married?  Best decision I ever made!

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