Monday, February 4, 2013

My "Aha" Moment

It's a bit of a running family's daily attempts to scare the living tar out of me and all.  Well, two awesome things happened yesterday.  Things so awesome that my family will have to rethink their scare tactics.  Hmmmm...suppose that could be bad news ultimately, but for now I shall celebrate!

Thing #1:  Dave came into the bedroom, all sneaky snake like, got right behind me and lingered.  Me?  I was sitting on the bed, peacefully minding my own darn business, holding a bowl of cut up bell pepper, and watching something on Netflix as I munched.  After he lingered a bit, totally unbeknownst to me, of course, he came around the side.

Dave:  "I could've scared you really bad just now."

Me:  "I'm glad you didn't.  What stopped you?"

Dave:  "You were holding a bowl of bell pepper...I didn't want you to end up throwing it all over the room."

Thing #2:  I was walking into my room from the kitchen.  Little guy was following close behind...very, very close...not that I noticed.  When I got to my bedroom I turned the corner and headed straight toward a mirror.  And, what did I see?  Well, by golly, I saw my huge kid behind me towering over me, of course.

Little guy:  "Dang it!  I used to be able to hide behind you."

Me:  "That's what you get for growing."

Little guy:  "You're too short."

Now, not to go all Oprah on you or anything, but I had a serious "Aha" moment.  Bell pepper is officially better than garlic, wooden stakes, and silver bullets when you're avoiding being scared, and being short absolutely has its benefits!

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