Wednesday, February 20, 2013


For many years now I've loved telling a story about Dave.  We were out on his motorcycle, he hocked up a loogie, and gave a good spit.  Well, as you may have guessed, said loogie went "SPLAT!!" on the shield on his helmet and oozed its way south.  Seriously, I've gotten many a laugh out of this story!

Well, today I got to eat a bit of humble pie.  You see, I was driving my kid home from his bus stop (it was raining AND I was having a moment of good mom-ness).  I coughed, and OOPS!

Me:  "Aaaaah, I have a loogie!"  I said, as best I could with my mouth propped open.

Little guy:  "Awesome!"

Me:  "Give me a tissue!"

Little guy:  "Spit it out the window!"

Me:  "Oh, man...I stink at that."

I lowered my window anyway, rolled my tongue to make a cannon, and blew with all my might.  The happy ending would be that it arced through the air, got caught in the wind, and blew out of sight...way beyond the car.  What happened was that it went more down than up, landed more near than far..."SPLAT!!"...yup, right on the door of my car...the inside side of my door.

Little guy:  "Fail, mom."

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