Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I was hijacked!

It all started out so innocently.  My little guy texted me a photo of himself this afternoon.  You see, he's got this goofy face thing he likes to do...a lot...and that's what he sent me.  I opened it, thought, "He's SO much cuter than this," and turned my phone off.  Well, next thing I knew, he asked to borrow my phone "because mine is dead."  Of course I let him because I'm a super nice mom and all.  He giggled a bit and put my phone down.  This is when I should have known something had gone awry.  But, no.  I didn't think anything of it at all.

Little guy:  "Mom, can I look something up on your computer?"

Me:  "Sure!  Wash your hands first."  Yes, I'm a germaphobe. 

He went about his business all quickly-like.

Little guy:  "I need to check something on Dad's computer."

Me:  "OK, whatever."

Again, he was there for only a minute or so.  Then he ran off to the bedroom and came back with the iPad.  He played with it a bit, kept saying, "It's so beautiful," over and over, and then proceeded to make many, many, maaaaaaany fart sounds with it.

So, what was it that my kid was up to?  I found out soon after.  You see, that little toot had put the goofy face picture on my phone and computer as the background, had loaded it onto my facebook page with the caption, "My son set this as my phone background and my computer background.  isn't he so handsome?"  (Really kid, they all know I wouldn't have a lower case "i" starting a sentence...yeesh!)  He'd loaded it onto Dave's computer and the iPad.  I guess I should be proud that he's so darn good at computers and such, eh?

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