Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sometimes a Car is not just a Car

I tend to let clutter get the best of me every once in a while.  Very mild, mind you, but piles do show up here and there and tend to stick around a lot longer than certain members of my family would prefer that they would.  Anyway, today I got in my car to go to the grocery store.  I was, frankly, grossed out.

"My car is possessed by the funk, I must exorcise the demon!!!"

So, groceries were shopped and put away, I was hydrated for the task ahead, out to the carport I went.  I took a few deep meditative breaths and opened the door.  As I scanned the vehicle I began noticing something.  This was not my clutter!

Car Clutter Inventory List

• orange karate belt
• half full water bottle
• three dirty athletic socks
• ace bandage
• karate duffel bag
• safety pins that used to hold the ace bandage together
• Nerf gun that my kid purchased at the thrift store last night
• Nerf bullets that were shot at me in the car last night
• blue athletic cup (IT IS NEVER OK TO LEAVE THIS IN YOUR MOM'S CAR!!!!)

So, essentially I drive around in a stinky gym locker.  Gag!

I know one kid who has a job tonight.

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