Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Puppy Love goes Both Ways

I took both of the dogs out walking today...all by myself.  It's become a bit of a routine for me.  First I stalk my little guy with the Find Friends app (no, this doesn't make me creepy, it makes me a responsible, vigilant parent, got it?!?!), then when he's gotten off his bus I head out the door with the pooches.  They love it, I love it, the kid loves it, it's awesome.  Here's how it usually goes.  I walk down the street with the dogs.  I only give them about eight inches of leash wiggle room.  They gotta know who's boss, right?  Now, while I'm walking down the hill, my kid is walking up the hill (this sentence is giving me flashbacks of middle school math word problems...let's don't go there).  Scout's blind in one eye and not terribly observant in the other, but she's always the first to notice the approaching kid.  Hazel, who is likely ADD, is focused on freaking out on a random blown leaf or some such thing and she doesn't notice him at all...until...

Me:  "Hey, kid."

Little guy:  "Hi, mom."

Then Hazel commences flipping, jumping, and all other sorts of too-excited-to-remain-in-her-skin moves.  This would be cute in a ten pound dog, seventy pounds not so much.

So, what do I do?  Well, of course I hand that totally-in-love puppy over to her object of devotion.  I tell ya, the heart bubbles that float in the air between those two melts my heart.

Sigh...puppy/boy bliss....

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