Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Wisdom of Dogs and Babies

Dave and I sat at a coffee shop yesterday morning with our dogs.  I tell you what...they're conversation magnets.  People who would never stop to say "Hi" or even glance in our direction will do so when there's a pooch to love on.

While this is super fun and all, I was really awed by just how wise dogs are and how willing they are to receive and give love to anyone.  They didn't care what color people were, how much money they had, if they were homeless, a child or an adult.  It was an equal love trade opportunity.

It made me think of a time when my big guy was just a very little guy, barely walking.  We were at the doctor's office for some reason.  All I remember is that he wasn't ill.  This particular doctor's office was known for accepting patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS...frankly, the main reason why I wanted to support the place.  Anyway, my little big guy was in the waiting room with me.  There was a fella sitting across from us.  He was thin, so very, very thin, and had marks on his face I recognized as Kaposi's sarcoma from my work with AIDS fundraising and hospice.  And you know what my little big guy did?  He walked right over to that fella and handed him a toy.  They had a lovely nonverbal, full-of-smiles exchange.

We should all strive to be as wise as dogs and babies...and share and receive love a bit more readily.

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