Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family Pleasin' Grub

How do meals typically go in my house?  I'll tell ya.  Well, at least I'll tell ya about the "family" type meals that I muster up the gumption to make every now and again.  Usually I'll put together some sort of chicken/fish/rice/pasta/veggie thing.  Mind you, pretty much none of that is on my personal eat list these days.

As the family is sitting around eating (them eating, me watching) we talk about our days and then move on to thoughts on the meal itself.  And while they generally like what I cook, they always have some pointers for me.

"The potatoes could have been a little crispier."

"The broccoli was just a tad over-cooked."

"The fish could've come out just a minute earlier."

You get the idea...well, tonight I managed to hit it out of the ballpark.  All praise and absolutely no improvement commentary.  Hooray!!!!

"What was it?" you ask.

It comes down to southern home cookin' with a lazy edge on the side, turns out.


• chicken thigh meat dipped in egg, then in flour with seasonings, then utterly and completely fried up in butter

• instant seasoned rice bag...I put it in a glass bowl to make it look fancy

• canned corn...also put in a glass bowl to be all fancy

•  ketchup

• ice water

Yup, take it from me, this was one family-pleasin' meal.

Now I'm off to make a veggie juice for my dinner.

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