Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feeding my Inner Rebel

Kind of a slow day here at the Parsons abode, so I thought I'd spice it up with a couple of personal challenges.  First, when I went to Costco this morning I, get ready for it, went through the store in the opposite direction than I always go in.  So, what happened?  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  Except for me feeling a little wonky about it all.  I was at least hoping for some oncoming shopping cart stink eye or something, but no.  Then when I got home, I loaded a new roll of toilet paper the wrong direction.  OK, actually I didn't intend to have this happen, I just accidentally did it, but I did leave it that way on purpose.  Feeding my inner rebel today, I swear!  So, what happened?  Well, nothing again.  Perhaps no one noticed or cared, or perhaps, being that I'm the only female human in the house, no one besides me has had to use said wackbirds T.P.  Maybe I'll get some feedback tomorrow.

Hope your day was equally exciting!

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