Saturday, February 2, 2013

Torque, Twerp, Twerk

The little guy was in the kitchen with me the other night.  I was whooping up something fabulous, I'm sure.  He started playing some music and I started to shake my groove thang.  Usually a sure way to get him to turn said music off.  But this time I must've caught his interest from the slanted, sceptical look he was giving me.

Little guy:  "Are you trying to twerk?"

Me:  "'Torque?'  What's that?"

Little guy:  "No, twerk!"

Me:  "'Twerp?'"

Little guy:  "TWERK!!"

Me:  "I don't know what that is, but was I doing a great job of it?"

Little guy:  "No, that's why I said 'trying'."

And then he and his iPod left.  I am so going to google "Twerk" and get those moves down!

P.S.  OK, never mind.  I just looked it up.  There's no way I could ever come close to mastering that.  And, the way I was dancing so did not resemble twerking.

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