Friday, February 15, 2013

Sewing Machine Love

I'm utterly and completely madly in love with my sewing machine!!!

I'm totally not a talented seamstress...not by any stretch of the imagination...but I long ago dubbed myself the "Queen of the Straight Stitch".  If it requires little or no planning and there are no turn-abouts and such, I'm your girl.

Just in the last few weeks...

I repaired three pairs of boy/man underwear...not a blow out on the back side, nope, it was elastic that had separated from the cotton part.

I patched one of my dad's shirts where the elbow had ripped through adjacent to one of my previous patch repairs.

I patched two of Dave's jeans...seriously, you should check out his pants.  The man is not afraid of looking like a patchwork quilt!

I hemmed three of our king size pillow cases so they'd be standard size.

And just now I repaired a hole in one of my jeans.  Yes, it was a blow out on the back side (no, I do not put undue pressure on them).  I patched this one from the inside so I can still wear them to work.

Feelin' mighty handy-dandy and uber thrifty!

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