Friday, February 8, 2013

Matchy, Matchy

Matchy, matchy.  I thought that was reserved for what I used to consider to be "old folks".  You know, like when an older couple just starts dressing alike over time.  Or when dog owners start looking like their dogs.  Well, you know what I'm getting at.

Once, about five years ago, my big guy and I went grocery shopping together.  About half way through our trip I realized, and mistakenly commented upon, that we were dressed alike.  We both had on khaki shorts and pink tops.  Yes, my big guy was wearing the new pink T-shirt I'd gotten him.  He looked great in it...but, unfortunately, it was to be the first and last time he'd wear it.  Dang it.  Looking like mom was such an awful realization that he left the store and waited for me outside.

Well, tonight Dave and I went out to eat.  As we were walking to the car I said, "Hey, look!  We're all matchy, matchy!"  Blue jeans and the same color blue shirts.  And, since we didn't immediately have a debate about which of us would go back inside and change, I think we've officially entered the ranks of the "old people".

So, did our matchy, matchy outfits enhance our good times?

Decide for yourselves.

Me:  "That was so much fun...I love hanging out with you."

Dave:  "Yeah, I'm good company."

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