Monday, February 25, 2013

The Early Bird Keeps on Getting the Blame

Some things I will never live down.  Even worse, I will never be forgiven for.  Did I break on of the Ten Commandments?  Uh...heavens no!

What I did was this...about eight years ago I got my son to a birthday party late.  Did he ream me out then with an outpouring of great disappointment?  Uh-huh.  Has he continued to ream me out at least once a year since then?  You betcha!

I never know when it's going to rear its ugly head...but the other night was the night.

Little guy:  "It's OK for us to be a little late, mom."  I was dropping him off at a band event.

Me:  "But I don't like to get you places late."

Little guy:  "Unless it's a birthday party!"

Me:  "You're still upset about that?"

Little guy:  "You got me there two hours late."

Me:  "I had the time wrong.  I thought I was getting you there early."

Little guy:  "It wasn't just me.  It was my friend, too."

Me:  "I didn't even remember that you had a friend with us."

Little guy:  "Well, you did!"

Me:  "Know what?  I don't even care about this any more.  I've gotten you places early or on time ever since then."

Little guy:  silence....

Me:  "OK...Alright.  We're here...early."

Little guy:  "Thanks, mom."

OK, I guess that's it...until the next time anyway.


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