Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Round of Applause

Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is simply annoying or brimming with pure confidence.

Case in kid.  We had to do a little early winter wear shopping yesterday because he's going somewhere that's below freezing.  The little guy needed gloves.  We found the section, talked about the pros and cons of the different styles and models, and he picked out his favorite pair.

Little guy:  "I'm just going to wear one of them so I don't have to carry them."

Me:  "Wow, that's a whole new kind of lazy, dude."

So we left the glove section and headed off to find the Duck Dynasty section.  Yes, I ended up contributing to the bank account of those bearded men.

Anyway, as we walked around searching, my little guy followed me waving his gloved hand...up, down, up, down, super fast.  Now as you know, pairs of gloves are pretty much always attached when they're at the store.  So this kid had those gloves clap, clap, clapping, and clap, clap, clapping, and clap, clap, clapping.  All over the store.

OK, so you tell me.  Is my wonderful little guy simply annoying or brimming with pure confidence...or perhaps some delicious combo platter of the two?

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