Friday, November 1, 2013

On or off? That is the question.

I got yelled at by a cop today.

I suppose that can go anywhere from slightly helpful to downright scary.  Mine started out the latter and my kid tried to me that it was actually the former...tried.

I was driving in rush hour (it was almost 7 PM, gee...).  The kid was playing Eminem loudly, because, well, how else do you play it?

Little guy:  "Was that your phone?"

Me:  "What?"  I turned off the radio.  We heard something loud beside us.  I looked over and there was a cop beside us making hand motions that meant absolutely nothing to me.  So, as I'm driving on the highway I open my window and say, "What?"

Cop:  "Lights on!"  Now I'm thinking he's saying his lights are on and I should pull over.

Me:  "What?"

Cop:  "Turn your lights on!"  The sun was just beginning to set.

I looked at my dash and my "lights on" indicator was on.

Me:  "They are on!"  I yelled back.

Cop:  "Turn your lights on!!!"  He was not amused.

Me:  "I'm turning them off and on.  Are they on now?"

Cop:  Just nods.

Me:  "Thank you!"  My heart bumped around in my chest.

Little guy:  "That was nice."

Me:  "Mmmm hmmmm."  Doubtful at first, but he made me a believer by the time we got home.

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