Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feelin' the Love...even when you have to beg for it.

And because I like to make things awkward in my parenting (I came by it honestly, I swear), I decided it was time for another game of "Tell me something you love about me."

Little guy:  I'm hungry.  Will you make me a sammich?"

Me:  "OK, but you have to tell me three things you love about me because all I ever hear from you is what you want."

Little guy:  "Ugh!"

Me:  "You do know how to make a sandwich."

Little guy:  "OK...You're nice."

Me:  "Oh, thank you!"

Little guy:  "You're kind."

Me:  "Uh, same thing as the first thing you said."

Little guy:  "You make me happy."

Me:  "Oh, that's the best one yet!"

And I made him a sandwich...even though I totally knew that he meant, "You make me happy when you make me a sammich."

P.S. This painting is part of a left hand challenge I'm doing.  I'm right handed...bringing awkwardness to my art as well.

Click here to purchase this painting.

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