Tuesday, November 26, 2013

He's Driven by My Distraction

My husband is right.  He's funny...downright hilarious.  OK, so admittedly I was pretty darn distracted with something all afternoon and into the evening.  I was nose to the grindstone and paying everyone else no mind.

So after some gentle nagging to stop, I tore myself away from my task and joined the family.

Me:  "OK, but now I need you guys to do something funny so I can blog right quick."

Dave:  "I am funny, you just haven't been paying attention."

So I did a little rewind in my brain.  And yes, the dude is correct.  Here's what my delightful husband was up to whilst I was"away."

• Dave danced for the dogs.  Yes, for them, not with them.  And they were scared!

• Dave poked and prodded me in a super flirtatious, not at all annoying, way.

• Dave approached me with random "What are you doing?" "What's that?!?!"

• And then he offered me a piece of meaty pizza.

...which meant he was willing to try anything to get my attention.  And that he's really, really funny...even funnier than he thinks he is.

If we're thinking of being thankful, my guy is at the top of my list.

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