Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dietary Documentation

Sometimes I'm paranoid.  It's true.  Like when my kid came home with an English homework assignment the other day.  My first clue that I had something to worry about?  It had nothing to do with grammar, punctuation, or anything Englishy.

Here's what it was.  He had to fill out a chart saying what he ate, who had made it, where it was bought, and if it was processed.

My paranoia?  Well, frankly, the filled-in chart might just be grounds for a CPS call.  While my child eats a lot, I can't exactly say he eats "well".  I tell ya, you can force broccoli on a seven-year-old, but teenagers are much more savvy in their methods of resistance.  Anyway, this chart went back to school all full of processed foods not made by mom.    So, yes, not only does he eat processed foods, I don't even cook it for him.

I will tell you this...since then I've been shoving apples and, yes, broccoli at him every chance I get.  OK, I need a redo on that chart!

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