Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I had a terrifying experience recently...TERRIFYING, I'm telling you.

Here's what happened.  I was being a super nice mom, you know, like I am almost always, and I was letting my little guy (he's only fifteen) drive my car in a big ol' virtually empty parking lot for practice.  OK, so yes, that is terrifying, but only mildly so.  What was terrifying is this.  Just a few moments after pulling into the parking lot and switching seats with my kid, I looked around and it was obvious, so very obvious, that the five or so cars moving about in said parking lot were also being driven by beginner drivers.  Yikes!!!  We were not alone!

The other cars weaved about, they stopped abruptly, they parked in spots in a most crooked manner, and I went on and on and on about staying away from them...far, far away.

If I may brag just a bit, my kid did not weave, he stopped abruptly only once, and he parked perfectly.

...and while he was completely comfortable, as is his style, I was a nervous ninny.

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