Sunday, November 24, 2013

Opossum, Totem Animal

Today I completed my fourth piece for the "Dancing With Your Dreams" class I'm taking part in.  We were to paint our totem animal.  I'm utterly and completely clueless about such things, so I pondered what animal had joined me in my life from time to time...and of course for me it is the wonderful, beautiful, and most amazing Opossum.

Somehow these creatures have managed to find me or allowed me to find them over the years.  While most folks find them scary and unattractive, I think they're simply the cutest!  And so very brilliant in their own way.

Here's what I learned about the opossum as a totem animal once I did a little digging.  And I'm feeling even more honored that they've sought me out.

The Opossum's Super Powers or what we may learn from them are...

• patience
• our mind is mightiest weapon
• kindness
• wisdom
• illusion
• sensibility
• strategy
• protector
• instinct
• supreme actor

And my favorite...

• do something unexpected

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