Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Length and Age...Oddly enough they're related.

I was driving my kid to school super early the other morning for some athletic team practice thingie.  We passed a man running.

Little guy:  "Why does that guy have on such short shorts?"

Me:  "I thought all guys ran in shorts like that."

Little guy:  "No, mom.  Mostly close to the knee."

Me:  "Really?"

Little guy:  "Think about my track shorts."

Me:  "Oh.  Well, let's see what other guy runners are wearing."

And we passed about ten or so runners on our path.  And it was very interesting.  If the runner was young, he wore longer shorts.  If he had gray hair, he wore those short shorts my kid finds appalling.

Me:  "I guess they wear those short shorts because that's what we wore in the seventies and they probably started running about then."

Little guy:  "But you don't wear short shorts."

Me:  "No, but that's just as a courtesy to others, darlin'."

Little guy:  "They should be more like you, mom."

P.S.  The painting below was another one of my left-handed challenges.  Good times!

Click here to purchase this painting.

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