Monday, November 18, 2013

I love science!

My husband is very helpful.  Really it is.  Only sometimes I don't really want his help even if I need it.  Like last night.  I had the hiccups, you see.

So I'm going about my business, not liking the hiccups, but not totally being irritated by them either.  I was trying to make a small dent in the HUGE pile of laundry on our bed when..."BLAAAAAAGGAAAABAAAA!!!!"  Dave scared the living tar out of me.  And I slapped him silly as is my uncontrollable instinct...Whap!  Slap!  Whap-a-slap!

...and then I hiccuped.

So about thirty minutes later, when I was still hiccuping, I put on my jammies determined to go to sleep, hiccups or not.  And then "Wham!"  I was body slammed flat.

Dave:  "Wrestling gets rid of hiccups.  It's scientifically proven."

And about one minute later after hopefully not causing Dave any permanent damage as I fought back against my hiccups were gone.

I love science!

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