Saturday, November 9, 2013

Letting them Just be Normal

Somehow I've managed to have three celebrity encounters in the past few weeks.  All of them involved me saying "Hi," and then having this "gosh they look familiar" feeling, and then figuring it out.  All of which happened in a matter of seconds.

I could have talked with them more had I wanted to.  I could've begged for a selfie with them.  I could've taken a stealth photo of them on the sneak.  I could've called someone and said, "Hey, you'll never guess who's here!!!" And I could've even said, "Hey, I got to be on your show a few episodes back!"  (Tis true.)

But I didn't.  They were out just being normal.  Out with their kid.  Out with their dog.  Out with a pal.  Out happening to be enjoying the very same little life experience that I was enjoying. 

I hope they get to just be normal...a lot.

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