Saturday, November 2, 2013

Flower Power

I'm taking an online course about dreams and using art as a vehicle for expression.  I was super lucky and won my spot in this class.  I began and finished my second project this morning (my first project can be seen here).  The lesson I did today was designed to be about nightmares...but I don't really have them.  At least not for a long time now.  I have awkward dreams, you know, showing up wearing the wrong things (or not enough things) at events and such, but being chased, scared, etc....well, it doesn't really come up.  So I decided I'd switch to nightmarish daydreams instead.  Still nothing terribly scary or anything like that, just repetitive thoughts that keep coming up and, I suppose, sort of "haunt" me.

So, below is my final product.  But what you can't tell is that first there were a lot of words.  Then a delicious series of skulls and crossbones.  And then a layer of flowers, fun, and whimsy as I decided to let thoughts of those take over.

If you look closely you'll likely see some silly skeletons peeking out...perhaps those negative thoughts are just coming out to stop and smell the roses.

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