Saturday, November 30, 2013

Slumming It...Monopoly Style

We played Monopoly last night.  I have to say, I'm not a fan of the game.  It's funny, I have fond memories of playing it as a kid, but I mostly remember winning.  You know, against my baby brother who likely wasn't nearly as savvy as I, and against my parents who probably threw the game to get out of playing it for hours and hours. 

So now I was the parent playing.  I knew how it'd likely go.  One person would win and the rest would go down in financial ruin.  So, rather than approach the game as I did as a kid, full of dreams of becoming a slumlord as my opponents died slowly, I decided that my goal would be to lose, and to lose quickly.  That way I could get back to painting something happy.

Well, the game started out just like always, everyone getting a rainbow of properties with no one (except me, of course) getting a monopoly.  Then the big property trade/swap meet began....and then monopolies were had.  Dave and the little guy were cash rich, so they, I kid you not, jumped straight to purchasing hotels, which now that I think about it, cannot be done all in one turn, right?  Anyway, I rolled, crossed my fingers and toes, hoping to land on one of their big, red multi-family abodes...and I missed them.  Repeatedly!  My plan was falling apart!

Dave was not so "lucky" and he lost his shirt to the little sweet little guy who was now utterly and completely embodying every stereotype of a slumlord, down to the maniacal laugh.  And then I landed on his property.  And that was the end.  And I was so, so happy.

And I got my sweet little kid back.  Whew!

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