Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Leaving his Mark

I finally put on my new sneakers today.  They came in the mail several weeks ago, but they've been happily sitting on my shoe shelf since then.  Well, today was the big day!  I think I love them so much I just might have to name them.  When I look down at them from above (which isn't far, I'm only about five feet tall) they look like the sneakers my kids wore when they were wee ones.  Big white rubber toe and widely spaced eyelets for fat white shoelaces.  I managed to walk around outside to a neighbor's house, hang the laundry on the line, go grocery shopping, cook dinner AND keep everything that was white, white.

Little guy:  "Did you get new shoes mom?" he very sweetly asked after he placed his big toe on the rubber toe of my new right shoe.

Let me pause here to say that this kid pretty much never, NEVER, wears shoes in the summer...and he runs around in the street...and he doesn't really ever wash them thoroughly during his daily bathing routine.

Me:  "Hey, aaaaaagh!" as I hastily retracted my foot, leaving the big black toe print clearly visible on the once pristine rubber.

Little guy:  "Oh, sorry mom.  Chill, it's just a shoe."

He's right.  OK, now I can breathe.  It's rather like when you have a new car.  That first ding is sort of a relief...sort of.

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