Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Episode of "What's that smell?"

Took the little guy back to the bone-ologist today to get his cast removed.  And what did the kid do after his cast was off?  Only the same thing he's done after the removal of his casts for the last five broken bones.  Why, of course he took great joy in sharing the stench of whatever body part had been covered and confined for multiple loooong weeks by waving it to and fro.  And, let me tell you what, there is no number of washings that completely eliminates that odor.  And, opening the door in hopes that the doctor or tech will appear and rescue me is of no help either.  Oh, and then there's the delightful peeling of stinky skin that he does all covert-like just close enough to "snow" on my legs. 

Ah, yes, that kid loves me so.  How much you ask?  Well, I asked him just that...you know, "Tell me one thing you love about me...I need to hear it, kid."

Little guy:  "I love when you make me food."

So, there ya have it!  He's a bit of  turkey, and I do love him so.

P.S.  Later on he told me that he also thought I dressed cooler than a lot of his friends' moms.  And, he thinks it's cool that I like the hip-hop music he listens to, but he wishes I'd stop singing along.

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