Friday, November 23, 2012


I've felt a little longing in my heart today.  I'm not feeling sad, or even melancholy...actually I'm in a really happy place.  Perhaps that's the very reason why I'm feeling a longing for my maternal grandmother.  You know, most every one of us has the privilege in this lifetime to be loved, unconditionally, by at least one person.  She was mine.  The other in my life has been my dog, Scout, but that's a different flavor of love...quite wonderful, but not the same.  I called my grandmother, "Nana", and I mirrored, in my own little girl way, the love that she showered upon me.  She was my confidante, my teacher, my mentor, my fellow adventurer, my friend, and above all, my very soft place to fall.  With her I could always just be.  And that was enough.

I dearly hope that I will someday be able to be that very thing for some small spirit, or perhaps one that has been on this planet for quite some time.  It will be such an honor.

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