Friday, November 2, 2012

Birthday Cake

I'll be making the little guy's birthday cake tonight.  I LOVE making birthday cakes!  They've all actually been quite spectacular.  Not in that photogenic kind of way.  No way!  In that "How could a cake be any more chocolatey?" kind of way.  What do I usually do?  Well, I cheat, of course.  I buy one of those Moist Delicious cakes...seriously, folks, you cannot go wrong with one of those.  I get some really rich frosting.  Then I buy a HUGE bag of M&Ms and cover the entire cake.  Top and sides.  Since that's clearly not enough, I place homemade chocolate chips all around the perimeter.  When I bring it out, I tell ya, you've never seen a more Pavlovian drool response.

So, this year when my little guy and I went shopping for his cake ingredients, I ran into a friend.  While I was busy talking, my little dude took off and rounded up all of the cake ingredients.  It was all foreign stuff...not the usual stuff of my birthday cake making.  There were cans of squirt icing and six different kinds of icky sprinkles.

Me:  "What is this stuff?"

Little guy:  "It's for my birthday cake."

Me:  "Where's the good icing and M&Ms?"

Little guy:  "This year I just want you to make the cake part.  I want everyone who comes to my party to decorate their own piece."

I stood there for just a moment, feeling a little hurt and let down, and then I realized that he'd cut my cake prep down by at least an hour.

Me:  "OK, sounds great!"

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