Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sittin' here a Wonderin'

I'm sitting here looking out the window during my little dude's birthday party.  I'm watching him and a bunch of his friends play football in the front yard.  And...I'm wondering a couple of things. 

1. I wonder how amazing it must feel to be surrounded by a bunch of boys he's known since kindergarten.  Some of them he sees just very occasionally, some weekly, and some more often than that.  I can only imagine that it must feel wonderful to be immersed in such familiar comfort.  Lucky guy!

2. I wonder what on earth makes a person, of any gender or age, be willing to actually dive into a situation (i.e. football) where you know your odds of getting roughly smooshed or bumped are extremely high.  Me?  I take the safe "Eeeeeeek!" stance, and duck for cover.

...guess that's why I'm the only one in the house looking out the window....

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