Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Slow those Rascally Toddlers and Kitties Down

When my boys were little, I spent large portions of every day figuring out ways to wear their little butts out.  In hindsight, I'm pretty sure their days were spent successfully wearing my butt out.  I had mixed success with my efforts, but I had a go-to solution if I needed them to slow their little butts down...and they loved it!  What was my solution?  Benadryl?  No...well, hardly ever, and they had to have a sniffle, too, of course, right?  Why, it was cowboy boots, of course!  They adored their cowboy boots and took such pride in strutting their stuff all around, everywhere I went.  They loved them so much that they always failed to notice that they weren't very skilled at walking in them.  So unskilled, in fact, that they had to walk very slowly to keep the boots on and to stay upright.  They were happy...I was was a win-win situation.

What brought this to mind was that our cat, Pug, who recently had surgery, is now experiencing his own sort of cowboy boots phenomenon.  His cowboy boots?  Well, it's his cone of shame.  When it's off, that precious cat runs around (in spite of the fact that the skin/muscle/almost to the bone injury was repaired only days ago...Pug's Injury Story Link) like his super happy crazy self.  But, when you put the cone on him, he is practically paralyzed.  He will slowly lower himself to the floor/bed/couch, whatever he's on, and then stay there.  For many hours!  After wearing it for four days now, he's finally able to walk a few feet in between freaky lie down episodes.

So, my calming recommendations for toddlers and cats...give the cowboy boots and cones a try!

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