Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twisted Good Times!

As a kid I can remember playing Monopoly...for HOURS!  It was so much fun!  Um...only when I won, that is.  When I didn't win, it was devastating.  And even if I won, the victory was seriously tainted by the hurt feelings of my friend who had just lost.  And you don't lose small in Monopoly, you only lose BIG...totally penniless, in debt, no property to your name, and wishing like crazy you were in jail.  The actual board game that I played when I was a kid now resides in my home, and the bright yellow Atlantic Avenue that was bent in half by my best friend who was losing, is a reminder of the misery that game requires.  That's just the way Monopoly is.  And it's why I can't stand to play the game any more...ever. 

Funny thing is, my kid still asks me to play it on a regular basis.  Tonight, in fact.  Me?  I'm all like, "No way!"  "Never ever!"  "You can't make me!"  "Let's play Twister!"

Little guy:  "OK, but that game's awkward."

So, we did!  And, after said awkward positions, and finding out that Dave wasn't actually really reading the spinner...he was in fact just looking to see what would be the most awkward/uncomfortable position to put us in, the little guy won.

...and I didn't wish I was in jail or anything!!!

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