Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Dog, Good Kid, Good Neighbor, Good Stuff

So my little guy texted me first thing the other day.

"There was a trained dog that followed me to the
 bus today it was a chocolate lad with a lump on its 
side can you pt it on the list serve"

The total scoop...that I found out later that evening...because I was left a little puzzled and wanting more.  Super proud of my kid for letting me know, but puzzled.

Turns out that as my little guy was walking to the bus stop, a very large chocolate lab decided to follow him.  It was super friendly and clearly wanted to hang out with him.  So much so that it stuck with him all the way to the bus stop, stayed with him until the bus arrived, and then tried to get on the school bus.  Unfortunately his attempt failed.  This would've been a much better blog entry had it gone the other way.  I rather like the idea of dogs at school.

P.S. This big, lovely furry fella was picked up by a good neighbor and his owner was found soon after.  All's well.

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