Monday, November 12, 2012

Keeping track ain't all that!

Sometimes A lot of the time I have conversations with myself.  Seriously, it can practically be considered a problem.  Had one such conversation just now....

Me:  "Gosh, I wonder why all appliances don't have the number of uses proudly displayed on them."

OK, let me take a moment here to say we recently got one of those super high-powered, ninja blenders for making juices, smoothies, and the like.  It proudly says the number each time you turn it on.  Currently?  "297" thank you very much!  OK, back to it.

Me:  "Yeah, it makes me feel so healthy and like the machine is really kickin' butt!"

Me:  "Washing machines and Dishwashers should display that info, too."

Me:  "Yeah, but knowing that number might actually be depressing."

Me:  "Oh...I guess you're right.  Who wants to know they've done 982 loads of laundry in the past three years?"

Me:  "Or 1756 loads of dishes!"

So, anyway...never mind.

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