Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Magic of Moving through the Years

It's been a weekend of, well, getting older.  Not everyone else so much, but me, for sure.  Not that I mind at all, of course.  I'm pretty used to my own kiddos getting older, year by year.  I was reminded of that just last week when my little guy turned fourteen.  That's the gradual style I rather like.  What has me in awe is that one of my nieces, the one who was just a little, tiny baby when I first came onto the scene that is my husband's family, had a baby shower today.  She's now a tall, incredibly beautiful being, who has always had this divine ethereal quality about her, floating just above rather than touching this ground of ours as she moves through life.  Anyway, she's having a baby, a little girl of her own.  Magic is just around the corner.

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