Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hip Do

I hung out with my mom briefly tonight when we were both hanging our art in a show.  I walked in, saw her, and thought, "WOW!"  She totally reminded me of the photos I have of her from when I was about nine or so.  Her hair, which is usually set in short curls, was instead straight-ish, rather choppy, a bit shaggy, sassy, dare I say "sexy," and utterly and completely hip.

Me:  "Mom, I really like your hair."

My mom:  "Ooh, I don't."

Me:  "You look so hip!"

My mom:  "I'm not hip."

Aw, mom, you have no idea how totally hip you are and always have been...even when I thought you were a big dork.  Keep the hair, pretty please!

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