Sunday, November 18, 2012

Leap of Faith

Our tough guy cat, Pug, had to have surgery today.  Somehow he ended up with a rather large cut on his inner back leg.  Turns out it was deep...all the way to the bone, and some muscle tissue was cut as well.  We figure he got snagged on the top of a chain link fence or something else sharp and pokey.  He came through surgery just fine, and, according to the vet, he was quite a feisty patient.  That's our Pug!

Anyway, his little incident reminded me of one of my own that was quite similar.  I was about six, I think.  It was my birthday...or perhaps a bluebird my house.  I was in the back yard with oodles of other kids, and we were playing on my new swing/monkey bars/jungle gym thingie.  As a kid I LOVED jumping off of high objects.  The roof was my favorite.  I even tried doing it while holding an umbrella, many more times than my parents would ever guess.  Anyway, this day I decided to be super cool and jump off the top of the monkey bars.  I remember standing up, looking below me, and taking that familiar leap...until something went wrong, terribly wrong.  Instead of finding myself on my feet and running on to the next silly thing, I found myself looking at the world, and it was upside-down!  Or, rather, I was!  You see, the hem of my dress had caught on the bolt atop the monkey bars, and there I was, dangling, my underwear exposed for all the world to see!  Well, at least for about ten or so kids to see.  Oh, the humiliation.

Here's hoping that none of Pug's friends were around to watch his failed leap.  That would have made it so much worse, I'm sure.

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