Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Bliss

Yesterday was the first Halloween in 17 years I didn't go trick-or-treating with a kid.  It was weird.  It was kind of scary.  It was pretty darn wonderful!  What was cool about it?  Well, from my big kid's point of view, it was awesome because I was there to make him some food.  From my little guy's point of view, it was amazing because he finally got to go trick-or-treating without his mom in tow.  To be honest here, he never complained about me going with him before and even shared his candy with me.  But there's something magical about the age of fourteen that suddenly means you need your mom least in the trick-or-treating kind of way.

What was wonderful for me is that I got to stay home and enjoy the bliss of handing out candy to the little, and not so little, kids in the neighborhood.  And, I must say, I felt like a freakin' celebrity.  We had quite a number of princesses, goblins, and the like, and I knew no fewer than 90% of them.  And they knew me!  A total and awesome perk due to being a teacher at the neighborhood elementary school for the past nine years.  And what rocked the most?  Seeing the beautiful little faces of my former students.

...and I got to do it all the while rockin' my Pippi Longstocking get-up.

Yup, I think I rather like being a stay-at-home Halloween mom.

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