Thursday, November 15, 2012

Think Fast!

So, my little guy is often sometimes rarely annoying.  Tonight I did something about it.

Little guy:  "Hey, mom, think fast!"  And he kicked a soccer ball at the house.

Me:  "No, I don't want to play."

Little guy:  "Hey, mom, think fast!"  Yup, ball kicked again and it glanced off my shoe.

Me:  "No."

Little guy:  "Hey, mom, think medium!"  Ball kicked at me at a somewhat slower speed and it hit me on the leg.

Me:  "I said, 'no'."  I picked up the dogs' water dish and began filling it.

Little guy:  "Hey, mom, think slow."  Ball kicked at me at a very slow lob style and hit me in the middle of the back.

Me:  Well, I didn't say anything, I just turned around and threw a big dog bowl worth of water at him...a direct hit!

Little guy:  "Mom!"

I looked over at Dave, who was smiling really big and giving me the thumbs-up sign.  My soaking wet little guy ran by me to the bathroom.

Me:  "I guess I should've said, 'Think fast!'"

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