Monday, November 5, 2012

Meeting Frida Kahlo

I keep finding myself closing my eyes and reliving a particularly enchanting moment.  OK, close your eyes and stick with me now.  OK, don't close your have to read this, after all.  Anyway, take a little trip with me.  It's Halloween night.  The doorbell rings.  You go to the door for the fiftieth time that night.  And what's there?  The teeniest, tiniest little Frida Kahlo.  You squat down to get right in front of her so she can be eye-to-eye with you.  She takes a few steps toward you, stopping mere inches from your face.  She leans forward, her single brow blurring as your eyes can no longer focus, and she touches her forehead to yours, ever so gently, and lingers for a few seconds.  She slowly stands erect and looks at you.  You're trapped in her gaze and only realize that she's there for a purpose when her gaze shifts to the candy you're holding.

And, yes, now I love Frida even more than I did before!

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