Monday, December 3, 2012

"All I Want for Christmas"

It's a lovely thing when you realize your needs are taken care of and your wants are few. What's even more wonderful is having teenagers who also embrace that view of life (OK, we did force it on them just a bit).

We've been talking about the upcoming holiday season and all they want is some cash.  Done!

Such a contrast to the plethora of plastic toys we used to buy/hide/wrap/stay up till 2 AM to secretly display/wake up at 6 AM when they realized Santa had come and gone.  And, yes, I loved all the ritual attached to a youthful Christmas.  But, the evolution that has come with teenagedom is downright blissful.  Leaves us energy to basque in the delight that holiday season is truly about...hanging out with family and friends.

And, speaking of family...well, you know how when you're little and you ask your parents what they want for Christmas and they always say,  "I'd love to have something you made."  Well, at least that's what mine said.  Anyway, I sure hope they still feel that way.

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