Saturday, December 1, 2012

Big Hair Gone Bad

I've got this largely unmanageable mass of hair atop my head.  I'm not one to put energy into such things, so my look is, simply, whatever my gone-to-sleep-with-my-hair-wet hair looks like.  So, when I went to Target the other day to buy a hair dryer with a diffuser, I was surprised (in spite of the fact that it was my idea).  Anyway, I bought said dryer with some gift cards I had from this and that occasion.  I got home, dried my hair with it...and, well, it was awful.  I ran to my computer, googled just how to dry one's hair with such an apparatus, and ran back to get my hair wet so I could try again...and it was FABULOUS!  I was seriously rockin' the bouncy curls!  In an orderly way and everything!

So, the next day, still filled with confidence, I dried my hair again...and it was terrible.  Jeepers!  No re-do for me this time, too tired, went to bed.

Next night the little guy begged me to do his hair.  His rather short, not-curly-anymore hair.  I explained the purpose of the diffuser and he insisted anyway.  So, I gave the kid some big Texas hair.  It poked out everywhere.  He hated it...of course.  He picked up the dryer intending to do I don't know what, and it wouldn't turn on.  It was D.O.A.

Apparently using a dryer with a diffuser NOT as intended causes it to self-destruct.  Back to Target it went...and, no, I didn't get a different dryer.  This messy haired chick is happily going back to her lazy ways.

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