Thursday, December 13, 2012

Boogers and Butts...the Things that Make this Mommy Proud

When my kids were little I kept a notebook of charming things they said or did.  These days I pretty much blog about it.  They'd be most displeased if they knew just how much I blogged about them.  Well, as one kid is out with a friend, and the other is home...and the one who is home is being a bit of a turd, it seemed like just the right time to pull that old notebook out and give it a look.  You know, so I could fall in love with their adorableness and all.

I didn't get far before some cuteness popped right out at me.  I double dog dare you to try not to love these little guys.

Big guy (at the age of 3):  "Mommy, I ate a big, big, big, big, big booger in the bathroom!!!"  <beaming with pride, of course>


Me (at the age of 34):  "You're cute!"

Little guy (at the age of 3):  I not cute, my butt's cute!"

OK, I feel better now.  Watch out boys, mommy's got hugs with your names on them!!!

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