Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Smaller is Better

Can I just say how wonderful Christmas is when your kiddos are older?  Not that I didn't love all the fun involved with having young "believers" and going through the ritual of staying up way too late and then being forced to get up way too early the next morning.  No, that was totally awesome!  But what is really wonderful is that as I age, and my children do as well, I'm gifted with a much more mellow sort of tradition.

Here's how it went this year.

Last night at about 8:00.

Me:  "Hey, close your eyes while I stuff the stockings."

Little guy:  "OK."

And he did!  And he didn't even try to peek or anything.

This morning around 10:30.

Me:  "Want to look in your stockings?"

Little guy:  "I guess."

Me:  "Go wake up your brother so we can open them."

Little guy:  "Maybe later."

Let me just say that this is no indication of boredom or disappointment on his part.  I consider it a sign of his maturation, his ability to wait.  The dude has mastered delayed gratification!

This morning around 11:00.

The stockings were pulled down form the wall (yes, wall...we live in a house with no chimney...that's a fun one to explain when your kids are little).  Everybody happily took the three or four items from their stocking, displayed appropriate amounts of thrilledness (word?).  We then gave each of our boys two large fan-folded bills tied with a bow, and Christmas was done.

No wrapping paper, no packaging to have to deal with, no immediately broken toys...no stress.

My Christmas wish for all of you?  If you are already at this stage, sit in the calm and love it tremendously.  If this is in your far away future, know that this gift can be yours one day, too.  Now, let's just hang out and love our families...that's the real meaning of all this, right?

P.S. Dave and I did not exchange gifts at all.  Perhaps that was our gift to one another.  Personally, I loved it!

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