Friday, December 28, 2012

Febrile Dreams

I've had the weirdest dreams this past week.  Fevers will do that to ya.  The most vivid, of course, left me thinking, "Wow!  I must write this down!  This could be a short story...heck, a whole novel!!"  Well, you know how great middle-of-the-night ideas usually turn into the-sun-is-up-and-this-is-crap ideas.  So, what was it?  Well, in this dream I had a cat and a son.  They were both super excited because I'd stopped by the pet store on the way home and gotten them a big bag of little fish.  The bag was writhing with their activity.  I took the bag of fish, my cat, and my kid to a spot near a pond.  I cut a slit in the bag and my cat and my kid stuck their faces in and gobble-gobbled the fish.  Some fell on the ground and they were chased down and crunched.  It was quite the feeding frenzy.

OK, best seller material?

P.S. Please don't interpret this dream...I don't wanna know....

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