Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Kissed the Wrong Guy Tonight

Took the little guy and a friend of his to the annual lighting of the Zilker Christmas Tree (click here if you've never heard of it).  I've visited this awesome tree most of the past 43ish's simply part of this season for me.  So, tonight we walked down the hill, wandered around as the nearby elementary school choir sang holiday tunes, counted down with the crowd, and CLICK, the tree came alive with a rainbow of lights.  I do love it so!  The kids spun around looking upward, got good and dizzy, and then we walked toward the funnel cake line.  I held on to my little guy's shirt so I wouldn't lose him in the crowd, yup, I'm clever that way.  We got in the line, I turned to check the prices, turned back and kissed my kid on the back.  Only it wasn't my kid!  The good news?  It wasn't a stranger.  Whew!  The bad news?  It was my kid's friend.  While I think he likely felt like vomiting on the inside, he smiled at me politely.

It's a good thing a greasy, sugary funnel cake heals errant kisses.

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  1. :-) He felt like vomiting on the inside? A kiss from you can't be that bad!