Friday, December 21, 2012

Pajamas...perfect for pretty much any occasion

I had my M.R.I. appointment today for my elbow bo-bo.  I got there early, as instructed, and sat down with the pile of paperwork I needed to fill out.  Other folks came and went from the waiting room as their names were called.  One couple, however, stood out.  They were both wearing their pajamas.  Now, I'm all for keeping it weird, but I didn't really "get" their get-ups.  Ah, well, eyes down, focus on filling in those blanks.

After a bit, my name was called.  Yay!  I went back with a super nice technician lady, removed all my metal stuff, and followed her to the M.R.I. room.  She explained what would happen, gave me some ear plugs, set me up in the machine so my elbow would be the main focus, told me I needed to "hold my arm very still", and the twenty minutes of racket began.

I lay there, almost immediately wishing I'd chosen a slightly different position for my legs, but I dared not move.


I  started thinking about what I needed to get at Target, my next destination.


I started thinking about how happy I was that this was winter work for me!


I closed my eyes and relaxed.


"You did great!"  The technician entered the room.

I raised my head a bit, suddenly aware that there was a big spot of drool on the pillow my head had been on.

Wow...I am so wearing P.J.s the next time I get an M.R.I.!

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