Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dude's Got Moves!

Now, I don't know what started this.  I cannot think of one thing that could have been the catalyst.  But, you see, tonight Dave jumped from his Archie Bunker chair and started dancing.  He began gyrating around in circles while moving his arm up and down, up and down.

Me:  "Um, that's not how you do the sprinkler.  It's like this."  I make my best effort.

Little guy:  "Yeah, dad, that's not it.  It's like this."  He makes much better effort.

Dave:  "I'm being creative.  In fact, any time you guys need me to teach you some new moves, I'm here for ya."

He spun around one more time, waving his arm up and down again and halted abruptly..."I'm dizzy."

I'll be printing business cards for his choreography business tonight.  Let me know if you want one.

P.S. There's nothing much cuter that Dave doing his sprinkle thang.

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